Digital Temperature Controllers

Temperature measurement sensitivity: 0.1mK, with long-term temperature drift (over 24 hours) less than 1mK.

Temperature control stability: ±0.001°C

Capable of limiting the maximum rate of temperature change.

Chip-based design, facilitating integration into circuit board designs.

Features an overheat protection function for the circuit board, ensuring reliable performance.

Giving away computer software.

Provides a comprehensive set of serial port control commands and operates on an open platform, enhancing flexibility and compatibility.

Laser Current Drivers

Low current noise level with RMS < 1μA.

Output voltage up to 23V and output current up to 1A, capable of driving virtually all low-power laser diodes such as DFB, VCSEL, ICL, QCL, etc.

Maximum output current can be limited by a potentiometer, ensuring the safety of the laser diode.

Supports remote control for output enable/disable and monitoring of output current.

Superbly stable output current bias with allowance for current modulation.

Laser Driver Board

Modular, building-block design enables flexible configuration of various temperature controllers and current drivers.

High temperature control precision of ±0.001°C.

Low current noise performance with RMS < 1μA.

Output voltage up to 23V and output current up to 1A.

Features the ability to limit maximum output current, ensuring the safety of the laser.

Facilitates remote control for output enabling, disabling, and real-time monitoring of output current.

Supports current modulation up to 2MHz.

Integrates a photodiode (PD) monitor for laser performance supervision.

Temperature-Controlled Foam Box

User-friendly, simply plug in and use, with the capability to connect to the computer software.

Foam temperature chamber allows users to freely drill holes.

High temperature control accuracy with a typical stability of ±0.005°C.

Wide temperature setting range, adjustable from -12°C below ambient temperature to +25°C above ambient temperature.

About us

SenseFuture Technologies Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, the capital of China's technological innovation, specializing in the high-tech domain of laser spectroscopy-related modules and sensing technologies.

We are dedicated to the research and development, production, and application of laser spectroscopy-based modules and sensing products. Adhering to a "product + service" model and driven by market demand, we leverage our proprietary technological strengths to provide the global marketplace with premium-quality laser spectroscopy modules and sensors.

We have independently mastered three core technologies: high-precision temperature control, low-noise current drive, and high-accuracy laser spectroscopy detection. This empowers us to deliver high-quality, efficient products and solutions to our clients.